Bonita Vaz-Shimray is a visual communicator, art director, educator, design strategist and publisher.
Since graduating from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, she has worked for some of India's top media and publishing houses. In her current role as head of the design team at HarperCollins Publishers India she has won several industry awards including the Federation of Indian Publishers and The Oxford Bookstore book cover prize. Her work across genres brings market sensitivity to her design philosophy, which is rooted in clear messaging and the power of simplicity.
More recently, she has been acquiring and publishing design-led books.

She has also been mentoring young creative minds as visiting faculty at MIT, Pune, and design schools and media houses across Delhi. Bonita’s other full-time commitment involves being a hands-on dolphin mom, guiding her three-year-old son to explore a world full of beauty, creativity, and of course, books.

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